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The Truth about home sales

Here in Boise, sales are picking up as we roll into spring.  However, as this article shows, inventories are very low here in the valley.  I thought this was an interesting article that helps tie it together.

You just need to know where to look.


Boise is Growing… Love Downtown

Hello again.  I just love the news about Boise’s downtown growing again.  It is a fun big “little” city and I am looking forward to spring so we can enjoy the great outdoors even more!  Come see us and ask for IDAHO DAN.  Downtown Boise is Growing

Now Serving Dinner… The Modern

Just thought I would once again mention The Modern here in Boise, ID as a fun boutique place to “hang out ” for a bite to eat or have a drink. More a locals place with cozy atmosphere, good food and personality. I love the Brussels sprouts, YEAP, I said Brussels sprouts! Great appetizer or meal. Have fun and look here for more updates on fun local places in Boise, Idaho.

Maven Mission Underway

To those that have known me over the years, I have always loved the exploration of space and planets.  Today we had the successful launch of  the Maven mission to Mars.  In 9 months it will make MOI into the Mars atmosphere.  So exited to see what we learn.  Maybe I could go and be the first REALTOR on Mar’s.  How cool would that be!  Cheers!

Winters first blanket arrives in Boise

What a beautiful sight this morning looking out over the city toward the foothills and seeing the hills go from summer brown to winter white!  So beautiful.  This means ski season is short at hand!  Love it, season changes!  Have a great day all and we are still selling homes here in the valley.  Despite the weather, December has always been a strong buyers market!  Keep IDAHO DAN in mind when ready!  Mention this post to learn more about what I can do for you!

New QUICK Search Added

Hey all…   I just added a new QUICK search to my website so YOU can find homes in the Treasure Valley.  Now YOU can search just like a realtor!  Go to my home page and click on QUICK SEARCH to start.  Give it a try and PLEASE keep me in mind.  Love referrals as well and Oh, I love comments!    Have a wonderful week!

Boise Home Slideshow

A new feature has been added to Idaho Dan.  A slide show of homes for sale in the Treasure Valley.  These are new listings directly from the MLS not more than 10 days old!

Check it out!  Homes for sale in Boise, Eagle and Meridian.   What would YOU like to see on my WEB site?  Let me know and I’ll see how to do it!  More to come over the next week.  Of course there is always the self guided searches available here for ALL areas and specific criteria.  Call me if I can help!

Beautiful fall night in Boise, Idaho

Every time I look to the foothills around 5:30 on a clear fall evening, I see the brilliant, sun drenched foothills through the crystal clear valley air, I so appreciate living here.  Soon the foothills will be blanketed with a layer of powdered snow sparkling in bright moons light with the city lights glowing below the picturesque mountain range of the treasure valley.  So fortunate, so FUN!

Just back from a great visit to downtown and loved seeing the town so active!!  Go Boise and Go Broncos.

Great Meal Deal Downtown Boise

I love our downtown and supporting our local restaurants.  Great weekend go dine out, meet friends and make new connections with home buyers and sellers.

Hope to see you out tonight?  Chandlers, Shige or The Brickyard??   Where will we be?!  Click the picture to learn more!~

webHeaders DineOut Great Meal Deal Downtown Boise


Another Boise Success Story

 Another Boise Success Story

Best Fries in America

I always love sharing positive news from Boise, Id.

Here is a recently started company from local guys that has been an inspiration and a success. During an economic time of stagnation, these young men take a great idea and make it better. The French Fry.

They started their first store off Broadway in Boise and soon expanded to Bown Crossing east of town with an idea of the best fry’s they could make.

With many varieties of fries rarely found in one place, the added fresh burgers to the menu. Now they have a food truck, sharing the Idaho potato to more and more burger and fry loving folks.

Now they get rated the AMERICA BEST FRY company in the US: Way to go guys! Way to go! Look out Mickey D’s.